How do I report a missing item?

Single Delivery

The majority of orders we process are delivered together under one courier consignment.  If you believe you are missing an item from your delivery, please make sure you thoroughly inspect the box and any inner boxes as smaller items are usually packaged inside a larger box.

For example;

  • If you order a sink and tap; the tap will usually be enclosed in the sink box and placed in the bowl of the sink or under the drainer, if you do not inspect the box thoroughly, it is easy to presume the tap is missing.
  • If you order a waste disposal unit with an air switch function; the air switch maybe enclosed in the chamber of the waste disposal with the plug of the waste disposal in the mouth of the waste disposal unit.  In this circumstance it is easy to presume the air switch is missing from the order.
  • If you order a kitchen sink including wastes; this does not necessarily include the plumbing kit. Plumbing kits are available separately and sometimes included as a free item. The difference between a waste and a plumbing kit is that a plumbing kit takes the waste water away from the sink.  The waste is the part that it connects to, and also the plug that you use to fill your sink.  The overflow is part of the waste kit.
Of course, sometimes there are packing errors, and if you still believe that you have a missing item after checking the contents thoroughly, please contact our support desk.  Please ensure that you provide us with your sales order reference in order for us to investigate the matter promptly for you.
Multiple Delivery

When ordering several items, we may use a number of different couriers and suppliers to fulfill your order.  For efficiency, some orders may be dispatched from multiple locations using multiple couriers.

For example, if a customer orders an Astracast kitchen sink and a Mira shower; the Astracast kitchen sink may be delivered directly to you from one of our Astracast distribution centres, and the Mira shower delivered directly from our warehouse.

In this instance, the probability of your order being delivered together at the same time is highly unlikely.  Therefore, in this case, you will probably receive the two items in different deliveries.

If you still believe that you may have a missing item, please contact our customer support team with your sales order number and the item you believe is missing. We will then investigate this for you and resolve the issue promptly for you.


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