Phoenix guarantee

Art and design, the distinction is subtle. In today's society everyone has an opinion about design, and in this rapidly changing world of bathroom design we are all exposed to a multitude of choice.

No two homes are precisely the same, which is why Phoenix have created the most flexible and comprehensive range of luxury bathroom products available today.

We are very proud to launch our new range all meticulously designed and manufactured from the highest quality raw materials which are carefully chosen for their amazing aesthetics.

By choosing a Phoenix bathroom, endless opportunities will present themselves. A space for life, a universe of senses where every detail counts.

All Phoenix Whirlpools products are guaranteed for minimum of 1 year unless stated longer.

  • Taps - 10 Years Guarantee
  • Shower Valves - 5 Year Guarantee
  • Radiators - 5 Year Guarantee
  • Baths - 25 Year Guarantee
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