Damixa warranty


The following warranty provisions shall apply to products delivered by Damixa ApS:  

Any products which are found to have manufacturing defects shall be replaced or repaired free of charge upon being returned carriage paid to Damixa within a maximum period of two (2) years from the date of invoice.  

The warranty shall apply only where the defect is attributable to faulty materials or faulty manufacture and where such defect has not been caused by erroneous handling, incorrect fitting or inadequate maintenance, neglect or unusual wear and tear.

In the event of product defects which are covered by Damixa’s warranty, the following guidelines should be followed:

Defects found upon receipt, in connection with the installation or after installation shall be reported to the distributor from which the product was purchased with a view to agreeing on any remedying of the defect or return of the product. The distributor shall subsequently contact Damixa directly.


Warranty Book:

Below form is solely directed at plumbing installers that perform repair work on Damixa´s products within the warranty period.  

The purpose with the form is to ensure uniform information from Damixa´s dealers in connection with the submission of complaints related to Damixa´s products.  

The form can be downloaded as a word file. After completion, the form is sent to damixa@damixa.com, in the subject box please write: Warranty book. In the e-mail please refer to the invoice that is sent to Damixa.

Below you can also find the instructions for filling in the form and an overview over the codes of error.

Conditions for using Damixa products

Damixa products are designed to suit all types of installations and have been approved in many countries throughout the world. It is important that certain factors are taken into consideration when deciding which Damixa model is best for you. Pressure, capacity and noise conditions Check that the selected model meets your requirements. The high pressure mixer taps usually require a minimum of 120-150 kPa and a maximum of 600 kPa to work efficiently. To enable the 1- and 2- handle mixer taps to cover a very wide pressure area the aerator should be replaced with a flow straightener.

Space requirement

Ensure that you have sufficient space for the selected model to be installed correctly. The dimensional sketches and installation instructions, which are included in the box of every mixer tap (and can be found under each product here on the website), will provide you with the tap dimensions.


Modern sanitary tapware, kitchen mixers and showers consist of very different materials to comply with the needs of the market with regard to design and functionality. To avoid damage and complaints, it is necessary to consider certain criteria when cleaning.

Cleaning Materials for Mixers and Showers

Cleaning materials are necessary for removing lime, however, please pay attention to the following points when cleaning mixers and showers:

• Never use cleaning materials which contain hydrochloric, formic or acetic acid, as these will cause considerable damage.

• Phosphoric acid is also restricted as it can cause damage.

• Never mix any cleaning material with another.

• Never use cleaning materials or appliances with an abrasive effect such as unsuitable cleaning powders or sponge pads. Cleaning Instructions for Mixers and Showers Please follow the cleaning material manufacturer’s instructions.

In addition, pay attention to the following points:

• Clean the mixers and showers as and when required.

• The cleaning dosage and time the cleaner needs to take effect should be adjusted according to the product and the cleaner should not be left longer than necessary.

• Regular cleaning can prevent calcification.

• When using spray cleaner, spray first into a cloth or sponge, never directly onto the sanitary tapware, as drops could enter openings and gaps and cause damage.

• After cleaning rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove any cleaner residue.

• For best results, you can purchase the Damixa E-cloth. Please contact your local Damixa dealer for details.


Residues of liquid soaps, shampoos and shower foams can also cause damage, so rinse with clean water after using. If the surface is already damaged, the effect of cleaning materials will cause further damage.

Damage caused by improper treatment will not be covered by our guarantee.  

Maintenance precaution against frost damage

PLEASE NOTE: When installing a Damixa tap in a summer residence, where there may be a risk of frost damage, turn the mixer tapp off at the main supply and then drain any residual water.  


Terms Of Sale and Delivery



The following terms of sale and delivery apply to all des­patches from this company except where an alternative agreement has been established in writing.

Placing of orders

The buyer is responsible for obtaining any necessary im­port licences, etc. required.

Literature, catalogues etc.

Technical information and illustrations in catalogues, leaf­lets, etc. are subject to alteration and amendment without prior notice.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the prices quoted are inclusive of packing or other protection for shipment, which, under normal transportation conditions is required to prevent damage or deterioration of the articles until they arrive at the point of destination stated in the order.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, articles are sold ex works and the method of shipment is selected according to our best judgement and without responsibility for freight differences, which may occur. Unless it has been agreed in writing to the contrary, the date at which the risk is trans­ferred is fixed according to the international rules of inter­pretation of commercial expressions (Incoterms) made out by the International Chamber of Commerce, valid at the time of acceptance of the order.

Date of despatch

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, confirmation of an or­der will be sent stating estimated date of despatch accord­ing to our best judgement. We take no responsibility for any consequential losses due to the late despatch.


Articles are normally supplied at the prices stated in quota­tions or order confirmations. Where a change of price oc­curs at our works before the date of despatch agreed upon, the prices will automatically be adjusted.

Returned goods

Goods shall only be returned via the wholesale plumbing supplier/distributor and subject to prior agreement where Damixa specifies the return number which must be enclosed with the return product along with a copy of the invoice. The good shall be marketable and must be returned in original packaging in undamaged condition. Provided that the goods are returned carriage paid, a 20 % return charge will be deducted.

Freedom from responsibility

The company cannot take responsibility for delays, cancel­lations or other problems resulting from working conflict and other similar circumstances of which the parties are not in control such as fire, war mobilisation or unforeseen military calling of corresponding extent, requisition, con­fiscation, currency restrictions, revolts and disturbances, lack of means of transport, general shortage of articles, re­jection of greater works, restrictions of motive power and defects of deliveries from subsuppliers or delay of such de­liveries being due to some of the circumstances men­tioned under this item.


The goods cannot be re-exported without written agree­ment.


Any disputes concerning these terms of sale or resulting from additional agreements or concerning legal matters covered, will be settled under Danish Law but cannot be subjected to examination by court and will be settled by ar­bitration in conformity with Danish Law.

Product Approvals


Damixa guarantees quality and reliability. Damixa products are manufactured to the very highest standards, using the very latest production technologies.

For complete peace of mind we guarantee the quality of material and workmanship. Damixa taps with Brilliance carry a lifetime anti-tarnish guarantee (finishes 70 and 77)

Damixa products are designed and manufactured to the highest specification and comply with required approvals worldwide.






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