What is a "serviceable part"?

Serviceable Parts

As with most things, a tap needs maintenance and/or replacement parts during its working life. Very much like the brakes on a car eventually wear out, the internal cartridge will wear with use, and be vulnerable to lime scale build up.

By changing/servicing these parts for the product you will prolong the use of the tap, and also avoid any unnecessary breakdowns.

Examples of serviceable parts may be:

  • Ceramic cartridges in a tap
  • Thermostatic cartridge in a shower valve
  • Diverter valve in a bath shower mixer
  • Rubber washers, O rings & seals
  • Spout aerator
  • Moving parts

How will this affect my warranty?

 Unfortunately due to the fact these these parts do wear with time and lime scale build up, they are commonly guaranteed for 6 months, sometimes longer with higher quality taps.

If you are unsure of the warranty for your particular tap, please look for more information in the manufacturers warranty, or contact one of out customer support team for more information.

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