Why are serviceable parts not guaranteed for full term of Guarantee?

Serviceable parts are not usually guaranteed for the full term of the product guarantee as serviceable parts simply needs to be serviced or replaced from time to time during the lifetime of the product.

Service interval depends on many factors which may affect the serviceable parts to require service or replacement.

For example, a bathroom or kitchen tap fitted with ceramic cartridge valve used in soft water area, may be free from lime scale build up inside the ceramic cartridge for many years of use and may not require service or replacement as often as the same tap used in hard water areas.

More common demonstration of understanding the meaning of serviceable part not covered under general guarantee is with the motor industry.

If you purchase a new motor vehicle, they are often guaranteed for several years, but serviceable parts are usually excluded from guarantee such as tyres, exhausts, spark plugs, air-filters. The life expectancy of parts depend on use and condition of use. If you drive your car hard on a race track, the life expectancy of the tyres and other serviceable parts will be less than the same car driven  at low speeds around towns.

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