What are the benefits of using the "support desk" function over submitting an email?

Support Desk

Taps UK has been established for over 10 years. In a rapidly changing world with regards to technology, we have moved quickly to ensure that we keep up to date with new technology.  This ensures that our customers receive the very best service that we can offer.

We have addressed this by creating our "support desk".  

Our "support desk" operates by incorporating all forms of communication between each customer and Taps UK in one ticket.  Whether you contact us by telephone, email or by using our 'live chat' function, this can all be tracked by the customer and Taps UK, under your sales order number.  It allows the customer and Taps UK to see the latest update on each ticket in real time.    

The "support desk" is accessed through our website.  

Can I send an email instead of using the "Support Desk"?

For those customers who prefer to submit an email instead of using the "support desk", then you can do this.  This is done by submitting an email to helpdesk@tapsuk.net. However, our system has been designed to assist our customers to the very best who open their ticket through the web channel of our "support desk".

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