Franke sink model identification codes

All Franke sinks have a unique model name and code:

Sink identification codes

A. Range name
B. Abbreviation
C. Material
D. Type of sink
E. Bowl arrangement
F. Drainer type

ARX 654

Ariane ARX 654

A. Ariane range
B. Ariane range abbreviation
C. Stainless Steel
D. Inset
E. One and a half bowl
F. Recessed drainer

Mythos MTG 611

Mythos MTG 611

A. Mythos range
B. Mythos range abbreviation
C. Fragranite
D. Inset
E. Single bowl
F. Single drainer

Villeroy & Boch VBK 160

Villeroy & Boch VBK 160

A. Villeroy & Boch range
B. Villeroy & Boch range abbreviation
C. Ceramic
D. Undermount
E. One and a half bowl
F. No drainer

A/B. Range names/abbreviations:
Atlantis AL
Alpina AP
Ariane AR
Ascona AS
Belfast BA/BF
Beach BB
Centinox CE
Compact Nova                      CN
Calypso CO
Compact CP
Elba EL
Epos EO
Erica EU
Galassia GA
Infinito IN
Kubus KB
Largo LA
Laser LS
Mythos MM/MT
Mythos Fusion MTF
Maris MR
Opera OP
Prestige PC
Peak PK
Planar PP
Rotondo RB/RU
Regatta RG
Rondo RN
Simplon SP
Utility UT
C. Material:
Stainless Steel X
Fragranite G
Ceramic K
Glass V
Fusion (Fragranite/Stainless Steel) F
D.Type of sink:
Undermount                                  1
Slim-Top 2
Inset 6
Sit on 7
E. Bowl arrangement:
Single 1
Two 2
One and a half 5
One and a half (outer half)              6
Two and a half 7
F. Drainer Type:
No drainer 0
Single 1
Two 2
Recessed with waste                    4
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