I have just installed my tap and it is leaking, What can I do?

If you have just installed a tap and it has begun to leak, 99% of the time it is due to the ceramic cartridge valve holding nut.

The ceramic cartridge valve holding nut can become loose during transit and may just may need to be tightened.

Due to the hard water in most parts of UK, and around the world, taps are mostly now designed and fitted with ceramic cartridge vales.  These are now made in a way that they are easy to replace and service. This is why it may have become loose during transit.

It is important not to over tighten the nut because if the holding nut is over tightened, it will cause the ceramic cartridge valve to crack or damaged.

You can tighten the ceramic cartridge valve back in place by:

  • Unscrew the lever or if you have a hot/cold symbol remove the symbol
  • Unscrew the grub screw located behind the lever or the hot/cold symbol
  • Remove the body of the lever from the tap
  • Some models have a chrome cover that covers part of the brass holding nut, this cover will need to be unscrewed
  • You will now see a brass holding nut that holds the ceramic valve in place. You will now need to tighten this screw.
  • Then, you will need to put it all back together, making sure the valve is firmly tightened by the brass holding nut, make sure it is not over tightened.



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