How much heat do I need?

All rooms are individual and therefore the heat output required from your selected radiator will vary.

It is important that you choose the correct radiator to ensure enough heat is generated to keep you comfortable. 

Your heat output requirement will depend on a several factors:

  • The size of the room (length, width and height)
  • Existing heating arrangements already in place
  • Whether the room has any windows
  • If the room is double glazed
  • The aspect of the room (north, south).

How to work out the BTU/HR (WATTS) that you need:

If you wish to calculate the heat output required, we recommend the use one of the various websites available.  

These offer calculators to estimate the amount of heat that you require. One website suggested by some of our customers is:

We often suggest purchasing a radiator that is a higher output than you require, as you can always turn down the heat, but you cannot add more if the radiator is inadequate.

Please note this website is not affiliated with Utsumi UK Ltd, and any values gained from this website are used at the users discretion.

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