RAK Ceramics - COVID 19

COVID-19: Our Precautions
As a valued customer of ours, we wanted to take a moment to inform you of our recent amendment to our processes, in order to protect customers and drivers alike from the risk of infection whilst delivering parcels. This amendment has come into effect immediately and is until further notice.
Deliveries to a Business Premise
• We will ask where you would like us to place the parcel, whilst maintaining a 2-metre distance from business staff wherever possible.
• Because of extra precautions over Coronavirus, we will not request a signature and instead enter CV into the signature field.
• We shall ask the recipient’s name to enter onto our system and this shall act as the customers POD.
For Deliveries to residential addresses
• We will place the parcel on the doorstep and knock on the door.
• We will then step back two meters.
• We will explain to the occupant that due to extra precautions over Coronavirus we will not be requiring a signature and instead enter CV into the signature field.
• We shall ask the occupants name to enter onto our systems and this shall act as the   customers POD.
Whilst we appreciate that not having a physical signature to prove delivery may make any alleged non-deliveries difficult, in this event we shall use the GPS data on our handheld devices to prove delivery.
• When our driver arrives to make a collection from you, please inform the driver where the goods   are so that he may load his van himself.
• Whilst we appreciate some customers like to help the driver with this, we politely request that for the time being you keep contact to a minimum and allow the driver to perform this himself.
In addition to the above, we would also like to reassure you that all our drivers wash their hands frequently throughout the day and carry hand sanitiser which they apply before and after each delivery/collection.

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