Franke Fragranite Granite

Franke Fragranite sinks contain around 80% quartz particles which give it strength. They are treated with Sanitized® which reduces bacteria and microbe growth by 99% and are scratch, impact, stain, colour and heat proof.

Following extensive testing and development, new Fragranite tackles the humble cleaning problem associated with composite sinks as the revolutionary Fragranite+ technology is now available on all Franke Fragranite and SilkSheen Fragranite sinks, providing ultra-smooth surfaces that are exceptionally easy to keep clean.

Built to last and available in a wide rage of colours to complement any kitchen design.
The below chart, developed by Franke is intended to act as a guide for different requirements to assist in grading the Fragranite/SilkSheen material in terms of it's performance characteristics for each category:





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