Water is coming out of the handset and the spout at same time

If water is coming out of the handset and the spout at the same time the diverter washer may have come out of place:

  • Remove the spout
  • Lift the diverter knob at the back of spout
  • Check the diverter washer is still in place.

If the diverter washer looks damaged or corroded it will need replacing:

  • Lift the diverter knob using a thin adjustable spanner
  • Locate the nut and unscrew the diverter
  • Check the washer on bottom
  • If this is damaged, please replace.

If the washer is fine or the issue continues please check the water pressure.  It may be that the pressure is too low.  You will need to ensure that you have the minimum advertised pressure required.


Finally, if the bath shower mixer is fitted with a ceramic disc technology and if your water pressure is below 0.5 bar (as recommended) and it will not hold the diverter knob in the open position, proceed as below and remove the diverter spring and then reassemble the diverter:

  • Please remove the diverter handle
  • unscrew the brass gland nut
  • replace the diverter assembly with a new spare
  • Re assemble the diverter handle.
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