My tap has been installed for several years but it has just started to drip from the spout, what can I do?

Taps will leak or drip from the spout if the ceramic cartridge valve does not completely seal the water flow in full. The main cause of failing to seal the water is debris, and lime scale build up inside the cartridge.

The debris and lime scale build up prevents the ceramic cartridge valve from closing fully and forming a complete seal, the smallest of gaps will allow water to pass and create the leaking or dripping from the spout.

Due to the hard water in most parts of UK and around the world, taps are mostly designed and fitted with ceramic cartridge vales which are made in a way that they can be easily serviced or replaced. Usually the higher your water pressure or the harder your water the faster you will need to service your tap.

To replace or service the ceramic cartridge valve is a relatively simple DIY task and does not normally require a plumber. Please follow the below instructions:

  • Unscrew the lever or if you have a hot/cold symbol remove the symbol
  • Unscrew the grub screw located behind the lever or the hot/cold symbol
  • Remove the body of the lever from the tap
  • Some models have a chrome cover that covers part of the brass holding nut, this cover will need to be unscrewed also
  • You will now see a brass holding nut that holds the ceramic valve in place, unscrew this holding nut and clean/replace the ceramic valve
  • You will now need to put it all back together, making sure the valve is firmly tightened by the brass holding nut but NOT overtightened.

If you need to purchase a new ceramic cartridge valve, please contact our support centre with details of your tap and they will advise you on the correct valve you require.

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