My payment was declined on your website but according to my bank the funds were deducted

This only applies if our website says your credit or debit card was declined.

In the event that your credit or debit card was declined by our system, this does not mean that your credit or debit card was declined by your bank.

In order to prevent online credit card fraud, our website uses advanced security features. This helps to keep your card safe and secure.

If your payment was declined because you entered an incorrect billing address, an incorrect expiry date, an incorrect postcode or an incorrect card number, your bank may have approved the transaction. In this case, your bank has issued what is called a 'temporary authorisation' or 'pending charge'. Your bank should display this transaction as a 'temporary authorisation' or 'pending charge' and not an actual payment until it has been approved by our website. 

If you experienced a decline or even two, and then go on to receive an approval on your payment, you may well see a double or triple charge because of the different attempts at payment.

Only approved charges will be processed and debited to your account.  Temporary authorisations/pending charges will go back into your account/disappear if our website declines the payment for any reason. When an approval is processed by our website it will tell your bank we do require the money and at this point it will turn your 'temporary authorisation' into an actual charge.

In most instances, a 'temporary authorisation/pending charge' is straightaway converted into an actual sale with your bank and will appear on your bank statement as payment.


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